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Manasi Joshi takes the director's seat

November 03, 2008 - Source:

After Manasi Joshi Roy, the actor turned producer, she insisted on adding ‘creative' as suffix to her new role. "I always believe that I'm a creative producer, and not just a producer. I like designing my complete show which I'm doing with Cinemascope", says Joshi.

Joshi Roy's prowess as a director will come to the fore today when Zee Muzic launches a new season of Cinemascope. The Bollywood-based show hosted by Roshni Chopra will take the viewers through new releases and their making, besides filling them in with all the gossip related to the films and its cast. It will also package reviews, previews and the box-office outcomes. The small screen might experience a surfeit of such programmes but the newly-turned director claims that her show, replete with trivia will stand out. "Apart from trivia, interviews with actors and behind-the-scene footage are going to be our USPs," she says.

Though direction is very fulfilling, Joshi Roy doesn't want to take up more such assignments right now. After setting the template of Cinemascope and directing its initial episodes, her focus will shift to acting-which remains her abiding passion. Production will also take up her time. She has launched a production house, called Magic Works, with husband Rohit Roy. Both of them are involved in its creative processes while administration remains Joshi Roy's domain.

However, the actor, who won hearts as Sudha in Saaya, has no plans of appearing on the small screen any time soon. "Not until I get something exciting," she says. Next summer, she will appear on the big screen when Alibaug releases. The year 2009 will also see the release of Pankh, which is co-produced by the Roys. "We are very happy to have made a non-mainstream film like Pankh. We want to produce more films in future. At present, however, we don't have anything exciting to talk about," she says.

After mapping a successful journey in the world of entertainment, the actor, who has her roots in theatre, longs to go back to stage. "I wish to do some plays sometime soon," says the daughter of Arvind Joshi, an eminent Gujarati theatre personality.