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Rohit Roy to direct an action flick

January 4, 2009 - Source:

rohit royAfter directing veteran actors like Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah in one of the short stories called Rice Plate in the movie Dus Kahaniyaan, Rohit Roy is planning something very different for his next venture. The actor-turned-director is going to direct an action thriller.

Rohit says, "I had a great time directing Shabana-ji and Naseer-saab. He has been one of the few actors I have always admired."

When asked why he decided to direct an action flick next, he says, "After Rice Plate, I wanted to do something very different. I have always been fascinated by action movies. They have a certain fire about them which makes way for the adrenaline rush."

However, industry records in the past say action films are not something that makes the cash registers ringing in India. But Rohit begs to differ. He says, "I think if the script is good and it has action sequences that justify the storyline, it will definitely be a good film. Even in terms of box office success, I think a lot of action films have done well.
Look at a film like Ghajini- it has done really well. So I am quite hopeful about my movie."

When quizzed about the actors he is planning to cast, Rohit says, "I am yet to zero down on anyone in particular. The script is just on the verge of completion."
Like all other industries, even Bollywood has been hit by recession. So has it affected his film's budget? "I don't think it has affected my film. Sanjay (Gupta) is producing it and I have not yet been informed about any alteration in the budget," Rohit says.

He has been shying away from TV for quite some time. Are there any plans to get back to TV? "I am too busy with my directorial assignments. So, there is no time left to act, literally speaking," he ends.