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Small screen calling Manasi?

April 21, 2010 - Source: Times of India

Manasi Joshi Roy might just be back on television. A little birdie tells us that the actress has been offered quite a few TV serial roles in recent times.

Ask Manasi about this and she admits, "Yes, I'm getting some interesting offers these days, but none that has appealed to me as yet. But if something that I like comes my way, I'll definitely take it up." Manasi, who's done shows like Gaatha, Saaya, Gharwali Uparwali and Kkusum, would ideally like to return with a serial like Saaya.

"Even today people remember me for that show," she says. Manasi is currently busy with the post-production of the short movies (70-minute duration) that she's making along with hubby Rohit Roy. She has acted in three of them and is eagerly awaiting people's response to that. And talking about people's response, Manasi is thrilled to the response her brother Sharman Joshi has been getting for his performances. "It makes me so happy and proud to hear people say such good things about him," she gushes about her little brother.